God gives us an idea of His beauty.
Flowers of the Virgin Mary
Jasmine is the symbol of kindness.
Mary is the model of Christian kindness.
She exhales the sweet fragrance
of Jesus Christ.
L. Turgis, Paris
Pl. 556

The  hyacinth is the emblem of pleasantness.
The Virgin Mary is the daughter of Zion,
all beautiful, and all full of charm.
pl. 556
Faithful Virgin, Pray for us.
For you, the flowers of Mary
[Ave Maria monogram]
Hand painted
The Violet
It is lowly in appearance
It needs shade and silence
But there is no fragrance
sweeter than these divine hearts.
Mary, Flower of the Field and Lily of the Valley
Druck, Prague
No. 578
The Lily

This is the flower of Mary 
that I have chosen for you.
hand painted
Homage to Mary
The forget-me-not was given the lovely name
The Eyes of Mary

For you, the flowers of Mary
Bouasse Lebel 3080

Mary, Mother of the Savior, pray for us.